Pre - Post Shipment Consultancy (EXIM & Jt. D. G. F. T.)

There are many areas, where the Exporter and Importer needs specialized guidance and assistance to complete the procedures, we provide expert consultancy and help them out with all their documentation, such as

Obtaining I. E. C. (from Jt D. G. F. T).
Applying for Advance Licence, D. E. P. B, Focus Product, E. P. C. G. Licence, etc.
Obtaining R. C. M. C. (Registration Cum Membership Certificate) from various councils.
Fulfilling of Export Obligation.
Fulfilling of Export Obligation.
Cancellation of Bond and Bank Guarantee with customs.
Arranging for Import Permits from various Govt. bodies (In case of VEG products, etc.).
Obtaining Certificate of Origins and G. S. P. (General Sales Preference).
Verification of licences.
Central Excise Formalities.
Obtaining Private Bonded Warehouse Status and many more.

In short, K - Star will offer you a complete package as per your needs. For specialized enquiry, we will offer you a tailor made solution.

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